Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letter to Oprah

Dear Oprah,

That's it, your show is now off the air after 25 wonderful years. Out of those 25 years, I've watched 19. My mom would watch Days of Our Life and then your show at 4pm. No matter what the topic I would always watch because the topics were awesome, very educational and helpful. You actually helped formed my addiction of Dr. Phil.

I remember the day that I heard what I thought was a rumour of you going off the air May 2011. Talk about disbelief. But now? It's here. Come four o'clock, we won't see a new episode of Oprah. The re-runs will help but there is nothing like sitting down after a long day at work and watching a confident, beautiful women do her thang. If someone asked me what was my favourite episode I honestly have no clue which one I would pick. Maybe the one time you had all teachers in your audience for your favourite things. I love when people (you) talk about how great and hard working teachers are, its times like this where I know being a teacher is my calling. No body will ever be as influential as you were (as still are.) No body will make such an impact on the world like you are. No body will love as you have.

The one thing I will miss the most of your show is how the next day, everyone talks about what was done during the hour, the stars that were your guests and did Tom Cruise really jump on the couch?!

It has been a wonderful 25 years. A wonderful 25 years of inviting you into my home every weekday at 4pm.

As Jada Pinkett Smith said "Oprah, you have practically raised us." That could can't be any truer.

Thank you for everything Oprah. Thanks.

Love Always,
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