Wednesday, June 8, 2011

day 15 of shred

Tuesday May 24 I was in a workout slump. When I was in alberta I went running lots my first week but me and gravel? Don't work well together. I hated running on rocks. I like a smooth surface.

That night after weight watchers I went out to buy Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.

For those who don't know what it is, basically its 30 days of hard workouts. Each workout is 20 minutes. 
3 minutes of weights
2 minutes of cardio
1 minute of abs
repeat 3 times. 

Yesterday was day 15, half way point! And? I notice a big difference! 
Here are my stats:
day one (may 24)
Hips: 39cm
Chest: 35.5 cm
Not to bad but I want to lose weight and inches.   And you better believe I took some before pictures! 
to lazy to rotate

Horrible pictures! I'm sorry.

So here are my day 15 stats and pictures (june 7)
Hips: 39cm
Waist: 29! 
Chest: 34cm

I have noticed a big change in my arms. My abs aren't flat or lean but I've got 15 more days. Plus I've lost 3.4 pounds since I started.
I am so doing this again next april before my brother gets married! I'll be loads of pictures so I need to look good! 

*I'm sorry for the horrible pictures. 

happy wednesday
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