Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This girl misses her cousins

I really miss my cousins from Alberta.
Must mean thats a good thing right? I mean most cousins would hate each other after 14
days straight. Us? Not the case at.all. 

Megan (below) and Eric have always lived 3 provinces away, or 38 hours away (by car) or 4 hours away by plane from my family (grandparents included). 

I'll give you the rundown. The house I've lived in since birth? Well the one next store is the house my dad and auntie lived and grew up in! For 15 years of my life my grandparents lived next store to us! Talk about a blessing. Well, after teachers college my aunt took a job in Alberta. Fast forward ten years and she married my uncle. 18 months later, welcome Meghan! (then Eric 17 months later.) 

Every summer the four of them would come out here for a few weeks to visit the Hannon side of the family. Wanna know a secret? When my brother/me/meghan/eric hung out it was so awkward! And how could it not be, I bet any cousins would be awkward around one another when they only see each other once per year.  What is there to talk about? Ryan and I had no freakin clue! 

I'm glad to say thats not the case anymore. Over the two weeks that I lived with them, my cousins and I got so close, its wonderful! It helps that I see them as more friends then my nerdy-cousins-who-only-study. Meghan and I did girl things, bonded over hair, went out for a few drinks and laughed until the tears were streaming down out faces during Bridemaids. She's not just "my cousin from out west" but my fousin. That's cousin but more like friends. 

Eric was sweet enough to know that I wanted to have lunch with his friends when I went to school with them. He also knew that I wasn't going to miss the finale of the Biggest Loser. In my mind Eric isn't 12 years old, he's 17 (going on 20,) liking girls, and video games. 

Yes, we are cousins. She looks her dad while I look so much like her mom (my aunt)

*that face? is my REALLY happy face. you can tell it when my eyes go really tiny! 
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