Wednesday, June 22, 2011

shred: day 30

Well folks I did it (not all done because I still have day 30's workout to do later today.) Yup, thats right, I did the 30 day shred! To say that I'm very happy and proud is an understatement. A) I'm proud that I did the workouts everyday for 30 days and b) I'm very happy with my results.

I actually looked forward to my workout times. I didn't have the times where I didn't want to workout, I love working out so it was pretty easy for me to keep it up. It also helped that I loved the results that I wanted more time to workout to see more results. That being said, here are my pictures and stats!

day 1:
hips: 39
waist: 34

day 15:
hips: 39
waist: 29
chest: 34
thighs: 21
arms: 11

day 30:
waist: 29
chest: 34
hips: 36
arms: 12 (muscles)
thighs: 21.5 (muscle)

weight loss: 3 pounds
hips: 3
chest: 1.5
waist: 10? I still think I took the wrong measurement!

so now that I've done all 3 levels and the 30 days, what comes next? Well at first I was going to do the workout 2/3x a week, then I thought karen might want it but I have decided to do the 30 days all over again. Thats right, start back at level 1 and work my way up again. Call me crazy!

*sorry for the bad-ish photos. I'm pretty sure blogger is having some issue today because the pictures came out tiny on the page and I had to blow them up.

happy wednesday!
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