Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend rundown

This weekend was cray-cray! (crazy)

Every moment was jammed packed with something to do but in the end it was a goodie!

I loved friday the best. It was moving day for my bro and soon-to-be SIL. We woke up early, drove to my great aunts house (the one who moved into the nursing home a few weeks back) to pick up a stove, chairs, and a fridge that Ryan and Danielle were taking. We couldn't get the fridge out of the house but Ryan and his soon-to-be FIL are going back soon to take the doors off and see if they can get it to the new house. After a few hours there we all made the 2.5 hour drive to Ryan's new place in Peterbrough. I drove with my bro and my parents drove the moving truck. I was so glad to drive up with my brother because it gave us a good amount of time to chat and catch up. The only down side is that for the last hour Ryan decided he wanted to listen to the TSN sport talk radio. Two things I hate, sports and talk radio! It was brult. We stopped at Danielle's parents house (R/D are living there until their house is done) to see if D was up. She is a nurse (emergency room) and worked 7pm-7am the night before. She came around two to bring us water which we all were dying of! D's sister Andrea came too so it was a good time to talk wedding stuff. After we moved everything in Ryan took us around the town to see where the wedding will be held and such. It wasn't late by the time we got back to Toronto but we were beyond tired!

On saturday, my dad had a content sale at my great-aunts house. She had loads of stuff he wanted gone, so from 8am-2pm we sold stuff. It was a good selling day. We had a good amount of people coming in and made some good money for my aunt. We got home around 3 and best of all, my dad let me drive on the highway home!

Sunday we had a lovely fathers day BBQ. Since its my grandma's 69th birthday tomorrow, we had cake for her too. I love when my family can get together. The best thing I look forward too, is when my uncles start telling stories from their childhood. It gets everyone falling off their seats, tears streaming down their face. They do tend to exaggerate the stories but it makes them so much better. I didn't get pictures because I had to help with food and such but I did manage to get one of me!

*Mind the slippers!*

It was a great weekend, busy but great! I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!
happy monday!
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