Friday, July 1, 2011

happy birthday Canada!


Today is Canada's birthday. 144 years ago today, Canada broke ties from Britain and became "Canada." 

Every year my dad and I would wake up early on Canada day to walk down the street and watch the big parade that was put on. It was the biggest one in my little area within Toronto and many locals would be in it. We haven't gone in a few years since I used to work at 9am on Canada day. 

Today I am working ::yay for time and a half!:: but will meet up with the rest of my family around 7pm when I get off work. My Grandma made a tradition of having a backyard BBQ. It's a nice time.   Family and food! Can't get better!

*My aunt and cousin (who I went to visit in may) are travelling to Europe (well yesterday) and I ask for prayers while they are there. For those prayer warriors out there, could ya say a quick one? Thanks!*

                                    Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canucks!

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