Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yes...I'm alive.

Once again I'm sorry for the lack of posting. Nothing really exciting going on.

I started work at the outdoor pools two saturdays ago. I have the sickest (other guards words..not mine) shift ever. I teach from 8:45am-12pm then guard 12:30-5pm. I'm home by 5:30ish and did I mention I have weekends off?! Ya, its sweet. I also make more money than the other guards who just..guard hehe.

It's nice to be outside all day. My tan? Oh goodness, its good! Trust me, in two months I'll be black :)

I'm still my the 30 day shred. Day 47 I think. I do that plus I bike to work which is 20 minutes away.

Being on ww and working? Hard! All the other guards buy fast food and share. Like yesterday? A girl bought two med pizzas and this guy went to tim hortons and bought timbits for us. I had a slice and three timbits but it can so get out of hand. I bring my lunch so that helps with not buying junk all the time. Plus, I'm cheap and am not spending $20+ a week for food. Not happening.

I'm planning my trip back to Alberta next may. I'm thinking of going back with my uncle/aunt/cousins when they leave (may 13ish) (they will be here for my bros wedding) and I'll go back home a little more than two weeks after that. Again, I have to talk to my aunt and see what she says, but I'm her fav niece so I shouldn't be a problem! Just kidding...sorta.

I'm not sure if its the summer heat or whatnot but I really want a tattoo.  I love this style of writing, its different. I would have it say family. If you've been reading since the start you know family is so very important to me. Why not put in writing?

I've been thinking about this for a while, just making sure its not something I'm going to regret later. I *almost* got a tat last summer. Had the drawing, made an appointment and chickened out. I'm glad I didn't go through with it, I'm pretty sure I would hate it now.

If anyone has tats, how did you know it the right one?

Teen mom came back on last night! Loved that show since the start!

happy tuesday, friends!
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