Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm linking up with Jenn today for Currently.

current book(s):
Cowboys are my weakness. Short stories by various authors.

current playlist:
Anything by Lady A and Starfield
current color:
Kaola Bear-y by OPI
current drink:
Just got my starbucks coffee and water
current food:
My daily smoothie with toast
current favorite show:
Friday Night Lights of course.
current wishlist:
I wish it will thunder storm today!
current needs:
More time to watch friday night lights!
current triumphs:
back into the 140's finally!
current bane(s) of my existence:
My brother eating my grandpa's 90th birthday cake for today. We all are stopping by after dinner to have cake with my g-pa/g-ma and the cake is has a piece missing!
current celebrity crush:Just like Jenn, I love Jim from the office.
current #1 blessing:
My family
current indulgence:
The cake that I will save my points for
current outfit:
Oh my lovely lifeguard shirt!
current excitement:
Excited for my parents to go away this week! House to my self :)
current mood:
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