Monday, August 22, 2011

homeowner for the week and other randoms

This week my parents have left me ::cue cry::. Every year my parents love going to Myrtle Beach SC for a little vacation. They invited me a long a while back, but since I was wanting to work as much as possible and going to camp I couldn't. With them being gone I'm left in charge of the house,dishes, garbage, cats and the car. At first I thought it would be easy, ya know feed the cats in morning and before feed, scoop the litter just in the morning, put the garbage out on tuesday and make sure the house is locked and of course don't lose my keys! This is day day four of being a homeowner and I'm hear to say its hard. So much responsibility on my hands.  A week left, hopefully the place doesn't burn down!


I've continued running a few times a week which is good! I love running at night, around 10pm. For some reason I like running whens its dark out. Strange? yes. But at least I'm out running.


Two weeks tomorrow is when school starts! I'm excited but a little nervous to start, which is normal. Glad to be starting the new chapter of my life.

happy monday!
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