Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tail wagging tuesday

I'm linking up with C Mae for Tail Wagging Tuesday. I'm sure I talk about my cats on here but never done a post just for them. I've always had two cats in my home while growing up, my mom wanted two so they can keep each company while we are gone for the day. Right now, we have iggy-pop and moggie.

This pretty lady is Moggie. She came into our house in March of 2007. A co-worker of my moms put a note in her mail box about Moggie needing a new home because her owners were moving to mexico for the winter and couldn't take her. The second my mom saw Mogs, she had to have her. Moggie is my girl. She sleeps on my bed all.day.long. She sometimes thinks its hers and hates when I pick her up to take her out of my bed so I can sleep, she usually gives a big loud "meow" at me. She loves when I'm away over night because the bed is all hers! She's the sweetest thing ever. So lovely.

this was taken the night we got him, so scared.

This handsome little guy is iggy-pop. How he got to our home is a bit of a story, stay with me. So last December my neighbour/family friend/pet store owner calls me telling me about this man who came into her store and asked if she knew anybody that wanted a cat. My dad has always wanted a grey cat so Mary called me to tell me about the cat. Since my parents were gone that weekend I told Mary I would call my mom. I called my mom and she said we'll take the cat! How exciting. When my parents got back, my mom called the owner of iggy. Robert (not his real name) needed to get rid of iggy because he didn't get along with Robert's other cat. When my mom asked when she could come get the cat, he started crying. Balling is more like it. My mom knew that Robert wasn't ready to leave iggy so she said she would call back later in the week. My mom called two more times and every time Robert would start getting very emotional, finally my mom said she couldn't keep calling and when he was ready for us to take iggy he should call us. About 3 weeks go by and finally he calls, of course crying, and says iggy needs to leave asap. The next day my mom and dad went to go get iggy. The guy wanted to come to our house and visit iggy once in and while but my mom didn't feel safe about that so she said she would call him and set something up. We haven't heard anything from him since.

Iggy came into our home on Jan 16,2011. He is the sweetest/craziest cat ever! He is very active but loves to cuddle. Iggy also drools. Yes, you read that right. When you pick him and and give him cuddles, he gets so happy that he will start drooling on your shoulder. It's so gross but yet so cute! Love that little guy.

So there are my are two babies.
happy tuesday!
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