Friday, August 12, 2011

work re-cap part four

This week was pretty quiet. It didn't help that it was chilly and the Danforth was closed for Taste of The Danforth so most everyone in the area got their greek on and went there instead of swimming. What's up with that?!

Last thursday I was in the office when the pool door monitor "walkie-talkied" us and said that girls were stealing the quarters form the lockers. I ran out and into the change room where no girls were to be found. The pool door guy said that the girls ran out of the building but he couldn't stop them because he was busy with other people. I ran outside after them and as I turned the corner saw three girls counting their money. I asked if they were just in change room, instead of responding to me they ran away. As I "jogged" after them, the girls started booking it and ran into the near by forest. I ran back to grab my manager and he and two other guys went in to find them. The guys saw them but the girls ran away when another guard yelled for them to stop.

Long story short, we called the cops. The cops came by the next day and I had to give statements to a police officer. Then the city of toronto security officer came the day after and I had to give another statement. On top of that? A cop called my cell phone on tuesday!

Hopefully the girls will come back, because if we see them and cops come then the girls get to clean our pool for us! sweet.

happy friday!
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