Friday, August 5, 2011

work re-cap part three

Since I didn't work last week these stories are from the week before.

That week I was able to pick up many "extended" shifts. This is when its really hot out and my boss allows the pool to be open till midnight, instead of closing at 8pm. I worked at my pool till 7:30 and would bike really fast across town to work. Working 12 hour days three times that week was a killer but worth it. All I have to say is once the sun goes down...the crazies come out.

It was 11pm, I working since 12 (noon) that day and ready to go home when a lady comes up to me on deck and says "theres a homeless women sleeping by the slide." Great, I thought. I calmly walk over and sure enough there is a women sleeping. Blankets pulled up so high only the top of her head was showing. I go back to my station and yell for the manager to come out. As he starts to come out the same lady keeps yelling "why is a homeless person sleeping here." I told her to not yell "homeless" as some people get offended. As my manager steps out I hear "WHY DID YOU SPLASH WATER ON ME?!" I turn around thinking that this women splashed water on her to wake her up. Then I hear "YOU GOT MY STUFF WET, MOM." Hold up. Did she say mom? Yup. Apparently her mom was the one who informed me about the "homeless" lady. She wanted to play a joke on her daughter but got me instead.

Ai yi yi. Crazy people.

The same night a group of friends were swimming by me and one friend went into the deep end. She yells out "its so warm here guys, it must be heated here." Um no it's not. There was no divider so it was the same water. Her friend asks me "is the water heated?" No, I reply. Then? She yells to her friend in deep end, "its because you peed!" At this point I lost it. Couldn't stop laughing! I guess you had to be there... :)

happy friday!
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