Monday, August 1, 2011

that week went fast!

I'm back! And I have to tell you, camp was awesome! As I said, week 3 was for kids ages 11-13. The kids were really awesome this week, the people in charge of running activities said that this was one of the best year for participation. Usually we have a bunch of kids who don't want to be active and would prefer to sit in the grass and watch.

It was so good to hang with friends who live all over Ontario, who came out this week as bible teachers, counselors, cooks and crafts. Us staff weren't allowed to have "staff night out" (we put the kids to bed and hang out in the dining hall till the late) but Friday night we went out and had some fun with the campers. Let's just say a few of the staff did some fun pranks! Shaving cream may or may not have been used...

Karen and I had a blast together. She was in cabin love and I was in faith. For the record: faith is the girls cabin that isn't joined to another one so it got scary at night, after hearing ghost stories!

the signs on the cabins

My cabin
It was an exhausting week. Waking up and 7am, going to bed at 11 (yes, its 8 hours but its non-stop all day) but it was worth it. Sharing God's love with kids who come from broken homes is the best feeling.

Not only was it a great week for the campers for their walk with God but for me too. All week I had to be an example of what a "Christian" does/doesn't do, which made me more accountable. Singing praises to God all week was what my soul needed.

I am so thankful Karen came out this week. We love week 3 :) I want to move over to teen week next year (ages 14-19) but I get the feeling she wants to stay at week 3. We still have months to talk about it.
camp omagh what what!

The best thing about working at camp is the shirts. Staff get a free shirt that we have to wear the first day and last day (to help parents.) Last year we had a nice baby blue but the year before? Bright neon orange. They were so bright that no one wanted to wear it!

My girls were great! I've never had such a good group of girls before! The other counsellors were a little jealous when I told them that the girls always went to bed right away and never stayed up. They were very competitive for the "lights out first." Two bible teachers sit outside the boys and girls cabins and when the bell rings that signals time for bed, whatever cabins' lights are out first and quiet wins and gets lots of points.

After campfire I would stay outside and talk with some of the kids/staff and when I walked back to my cabin the girls were in bed ready for me to shut off their light! It wasn't even time for bed :)

Everyone year I get a picture of my cabin. Its nice to have to memories.
Really really good girls.
They were close too. I had two sisters, two pairs of BFF's. The girl far right is from Korea. There were four other girls (all different cabins) who moved to Canada, came to camp and spoke no word of English. It was a challenge the first few days but slowly Jasmine learned her way around camp.

I miss camp very much. I have loved spending my summers there. Can't wait till next year and hopefully my girls (if they aren't 14) can come back!

happy monday

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