Wednesday, October 26, 2011

24 hours is not enough

No, I haven't dropped off the earth for good. Something called university is taking over my life. Correction: Mid-terms aka death is taking over my life.

It's getting so hard to keep up with everything these days. From school to work to excersing so I can lose 15 pounds for Ryan's wedding in may to seeing my family AND being social with friends. It's a lot and seriously? Can we get a few more hours in the day?

School is really good! I finally found a way to study for tests/exams that work for me no more just reading over the notes thinking that's enough. For those who have done college/university, how did you study?

I realized that I cannot study at home anymore. I used to think it was great, having the house to myself, mondays and wednesdays. Quiet. No one talking or being loud. But when the blogs are calling my name, and the cell phone calls my name, it's hard to actually study. My new routine is going to class, eating lunch and hitting the library for a few hours, since most of my class are in the mornings. On my days off I get ready and walk down the street to my local library and camp out there.

I do have to say that all the studying is paying off because I scored a perfect 100%, 10 out of 10 on my Human Development test this week! I could have cried in the middle of the library when I checked on blackboard. My parents were completly thrilled when I told them.

Last week I got an 87% (in Observations) on an exam worth 15% on my final grade! Again, could have cried.

I am ready for Christmas break, folks! Ready to kick back and relax. Only 5 weeks left off fall 2011 semester which is 37 days :) But who's counting ;)

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