Friday, October 28, 2011


When you think of friday, you think ,"We made it another week and now its time to relax!" 'Two days without the boss!" 

Well...not anymore for me. 
You see, I have class friday's from 9-12 and 2-5pm. I walk up at 7, stand with every other person in toronto on the subway which is packed full to the brim, listen to a lecture, have lunch and sit thru the most boring class ever! Once 3pm rolls around I am dead. Like, class-isn't-over-but-I-want-to-leave NOW, dead. My close friends and I hate fridays now. Today my friends and I went to sushi for lunch, we were talking about how we dislike fridays because it's such a long day. My friend Vanessa said she loves mondays now since both her and me have the day off and hate Friday's.  Isn't it the opposite?! And, don't get me started on traveling home on a friday night at 5:30pm. It's insane. 

By the time I get home by 6pm, I am a zombie. All I want to do is sleep and wake up saturday morning. Since sleep is over-rated I catch up on grey's anatomy with a cup a hot local apple cider. So good :) Sometimes, just sometimes friday's get a bit better.

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Hi there! My name is Sarah. Currently a student at Ryerson University to become an elementary teacher. I know this is what God wants me to do. I am a Christian who is saved through love and grace. I try and please God in all that I do and I know he loves me when I don't deserve it. 

I love reading the newspaper, drinking coffee, buying nail polish, and glamour magazines each month. 

In order to pay for the nail polish addiction, I am a lifeguard and swimming instructor. 

Thanks for popping over! Welcome :) 

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