Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favourite days

The other day I got asked for the billionth time what my favourite day of week is. As I got thinking I realized all of the days of the week are my favourite. It's the truth.


It's my favourite because I spend the morning praise God at church. Going to church starts my week off the right away, being with God.

Sunday afternoons are last-minute, cant put this off anymore, afternoons.
Then? When 7pm rolls around, my butt is on the couch for 3 whole hours! Yes, 3.
First its Heartland. The show that takes place in Alberta, with cowboys :)
Then the Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives. Love it!


Monday is pretty awesome since I don't have school that day. I sleep in that day and I love getting out of bed when no one is home and the house is quite.

It's a good day to spend blogging and reading up on blogs.


I love Tuesdays because Teen Mom is on! Honestly when I'm sitting through my psych 101 class and remember that it's on, I get excited! I also work Tuesdays. Doesn't sound fun but I love the girl I work with!


It's my second day off from school. I usually spend it studying. But, Wednesday nights Karen and I watch glee and the office and I really look forward to that time.


This day doesn't start off well because I have a 8am class, meaning I'm up at 5:45am!
I also work this night. The only good thing about this day? Knowing that Friday is tomorrow!


It's Friday. TGIF! I have class from 9-12 then 2-5. Horrible? yes, but its Friday meaning the weekend!


This is self-explanatory.

What are your favourite days of the week and why?
*Today is 5 months till my birthday!
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