Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Randoms

Many things to catch y'all up on.

~I'm going to a wedding tomorrow! The sweetest couple from church are getting hitched and I was invited :)
can't wait to see you all the gift I gave them.

~School is going good. I've hit mid-terms so if I'm not around it's because my face is in a book. Different from facebook.

~I finally made friends! I had one friend named Joanne who I met back in august for orientation and we manged to get classes together. She made friends in her friday class with a few other sweet girls and we all started talking on day after class. I was going to go home right after class but I stayed and had lunch with them and that my friends is how I finally made friends!

~I switched from meetings to doing on-line weight watchers a few weeks back. I used to go every saturday morning at 10:30, now that I'm in school  I can't afford to miss 2.5 hours of my saturday morning for weight watchers. I need that time for homework. So I still follow the program and my "offical" weigh- in is saturdays. It's working!

~Not very news worthy but yesterday I hit over 1000 views to this blog!

~ My brother's wedding is 7 months away and I have decied I want to look smoking hot nice! I'll share my new numbers soon.

~ Heck, I'll share now.
Right now I am 147.8, down 11 pounds since I started ww, many moons ago.
I want to be at 135 by Ryan's wedding! okay, so there are my numbers!
I'm ready to change!

~I want to run another 5km soon. Just need to find on in my area.

Well, I'm off to study!
have a wonderful day, friends!
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