Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Never thought I would say this but I'm loving my new 'do.

Remember this post? Where I posted a picture of what I was going to do with my hair my next cut? Well this past saturday I got it cut.

Except what I wanted is not what I got.

I told my hairdresser who has cut my hair for years that I wanted side-swept bangs and for it to be cut to my collarbone, I even showed him a picture from the same girl.

I didn't see it being cut as my hairdress comes to my house (long story: but he is best friends with my grandma so he comes over, they have tea and he cuts hair)

Since its at my house we don't sit infront of a mirror, so I didn't see how short he cut it until it was done.
This is what I got.

It hits my jaw line! The bangs aren't what the pictured showed :(
I was so excited to have the hair like the picture, so excited that I cried.
Luckly Karen came over to help me style it since I didn't like it sunday, I even said I didn't want to go to church that morning!

Since all my dead ends are off, hopefully it will grow fast so it can be a my collarbone ASAP!

The past few days I'm learning how to style it so it looks better.
Funny thing is: I didnt really like it but everyone does!

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