Saturday, October 8, 2011


...our new car! Well, my moms car.

Isn't she pretty?

My mom had a 2001 Ford Windstar (a big van) and the past year she has been thinking of giving to a new home. We bought the van because my brother was playing baseball and we were travelling every weekend and needed something we could all fit into plus put all his baseball equipment in.

Now? Its just my mom who drives it. She was getting really sick of paying for gas to fuel the big van when it was just her driving.

So, last weekend my dad went out and decided that the deal was to good to pass up and bought it. She came last night and my mom couldn't be happier.

It a 2012 Ford Escape.

Since I could remember my mom has been in love with the escapes and  always said that would be her next car, she has one now!

Excuse me while I go take her for a spin :)

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