Friday, November 18, 2011

He DOES answer prayers!

I had a breakdown last night. I knew it was coming, you know that feeling? Ya, I got it.

I have two weeks left of school, including exams and its crunch time. Next week I have a paper and 3....THREE tests! Two are which are the end of semester term tests, so they cover at least 7 chapters. Death I tell ya, it is death.

I feel like I handle stress well but not in this case.

So yesterday I got home at noon from class and started on my project that was due tomorrow (which is today). I knew I would have to work on it after work which was fine. I had my coffee at hand so I was ready.

As I was working I thought about how I was telling my dad on wednesday that all I want is to sit down on the couch with a cup of tea and read my glamour magazine. I just want to relax. I could do that but what's more important? Magazines or getting good grades so I can get into teacher's college so I can teach? My point.

Now I had 2 hours to finish the first part of the assignment, get to work, make my dinner for work and pack my running gear to run on my break.

At that point I lost it.

Totally broke down in tears sobbing and praying my heart out. I've never had that praying and crying thing happen at the same time. It's either one of the other but not both at the same time. I told God that I know I can get through this next couple of weeks but I need him to take away my stress and walk beside me. After my amen I got a cold drink of water, took a few deep breaths and started writing again.

Here is the good part.

About 40 minutes later my boss calls my house phone telling me that a pipe burst in the pool and he was told to shut down the programs tonight! ::insert choir singing Hallelujah here::

I told my boss "A" thank you because I have so much to do tonight and could use the night off. I did think of taking the night off but I already took tuesday and next thursday off. He laughed but I meant it.

I knew while talking to my boss that  I shouldn't just be thanking "A" but God.

I truly believe that was an act of his power. See? He does answers prayers.

Have a wonderful day, friends :) i love you all. 

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