Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm sure you're dying to know.

I've seen this cute little post around the blog world lately from Katie and Rachel.

Guilty pleasure?

Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha. Only 100 calories or 2 points on Weight Watchers!
MMM :) 

Recent splurge?
Even though the I have go into Eaton Center go get home, I stay away from it becasuse a) I'll spend all my money and  b) christmas is a'coming. I did spend almost $50 at Trade Secrets when I treated myself to OPI Muffets :) And we all agree how pretty they are. 

from here

In bulk, I buy?
Nutella. Enough said. 

My go-to flower?
I love peonies. I've already decided that those are my flowers for my wedding. You know, to my guy I haven't met..yet :) 


Comfort food?
Pizza, pizza and oh  

For breakfast?
Smoothies.  Banana, some sort of berries, OJ and source yog. Sometimes I'll do a piece of toast. 

For dinner? 
Pasta and salads :)

Love/hate relationship with?
School work. I love school, love knowing that I'm working towards a great degree but sometimes? I want to be lazy. December 5th can't come fast enough!
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Can't stop watching?
To be honest. I don't have time to sit around watching mind-less tv right this second. I do watch my favourites though. You know, HIMYM, Teen Mom/16 & Preggy, Glee, The office, Grey's. 

Dreaming about?
December 5th at 3pm when I'll begin my 5 weeks off :) Oh and Christmas Specials
My favourite one!

Crushing on?

I love him. 

Every girl should have?
Pretty Nail polish. A great night sleep. 

My style in five words?
Preppy.Girly. Sophisticated.

I love wearing?
Right now? My roots sweats and an old camp shirt. hot eh?!

This is what I want to wear to my Brother's reception dinner in May. To bad the only stores are in Europe and Florida. Guess I'll be making a road trip to sunny Florida :)

Dream job?
A grade 1 teacher. 
I dream about the day that I'll have 20, 7 year olds calling me Ms. Hannon. 

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