Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm loving and Oh, how Pinteresting

Has it really been a week and a half since my last post?! Sorry for the week hiatus. 

Last week at school was my "week of hell." I had two papers due and 3 tests! I didn't have time to blog and even if I did i know you guys don't want to hear me complain about lack of time and such. Thankfully I made it through :) I'm now done classes (last one was yesterday) and I am working on my last assignment due tomorrow by 4pm, an exam monday at noon then I. am. DONE! So excited to sleep in, blog!, watch this season of the biggest loser, enjoy my aunts dog that we are watching this coming week and bake :) 

Here is what I am LOVING today!
~I am loving my new SIL to be. She did the sweetest thing. Let me explain.

Usually for Christmas, Ryan and Danielle come down and join my mom's side of the family for Christmas eve. Then they either go back to their house that night or come to my house and sleep over, have homemade egg McMuffins and open presents between us four  five and then leave. 

Ryan has missed Christmas dinner at my Grandma's the last 2 years because they have to see Danielle's side of the family. It sucks but we understand. Oh the joys of becoming one. 

This weekend my mom asked Ryan what was going on for Chrismas. Are they sleeping over? Going back Christmas eve? Or what! 

Ryan told my mom that Danielle said that them two would be spending Christmas eve AND Christmas morning/day with us! She said that since she gets to see her family (Ry and her live 4 minutes away from her parents house) that they see her family all the time. It's only fair. 

My mom/dad and me are completely overjoyed at her thoughtfulness. We realize that this won't happen every year but we will enjoy it. 

~I am loving that I am done classes :)

~I am loving running :) I downloaded the Nike Plus app and have logged 16.83k since last wednesday! 

What are you loving today?  

Here are the funny finds I found this week. 

So doing this to someone! Pinned here

BEST SHOW EVER! pinned here

This is the Drake I remember. Not the rapper on stage with Nicki. Oh Degrassi days
pinned here 

So funny. pinned here

Come back tomorrow for some exciting news :) 
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