Monday, December 26, 2011

Scenes from the weekend-Christmas edition

Christmas this year was amazing! I didn't take loads of pictures as I was running around the entire city to see grandparents and enjoying my family all day. I did take tons of mental snaps!

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without yummy cookies, many self-portraits, going to starbucks to get free coffee from my cousin who was working that night, tracking Santa on twitter, sappy texts and santa pj's. 

Traditions were changed this year. Traditions that my little family has been doing since my brother was born were not done this year. And it's not Christmas without tears. Add in one cup of emotions,  1/2 cup of jealousy, a dash of not used to sharing Ryan with Danielle's side of family, stir in 4 hours of sleep and you get big, ugly tears. Maybe I'll share the story later. Or not. 

I was so excited to give the gifts I made and bought for my family. I did good this year. Now, let's figure out how to make next year even better!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 
I'm off for a run, try to burn off those chocolates! 
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