Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just like that...

...Christmas is done.

It felt like prom, all the hype, excitement and then within 12 hours its done.

Christmas was good this year. Santa was good this year.
before I start my re-cap, let me say I need to get better at taking pictures! I have a camera but I hate taking it out and turning into that paparazzi person. Next year I will have great ones!

On Christmas eve day I went for an 8k run. Gotta burn off some calories before you stuff yo' face again.

Then my mom's side of the family went to my aunts house for food, laughter and of course of Christmas stockings.

Christmas morning was a bit different. Usually my little fam wakes up and eats our homemade Egg Mcmuffins while opening stockings my mom puts together. Then we head over to the tree and see what Santa left.

Danielle and Ryan didn't sleep over this year so we had to wait until 10:30am for them to arrive.

My Grandma and Grandpa Hannon loved seeing us all and enjoyed visiting them in the afternoon.

After visiting my grandparents we headed over to my moms parents for dinner and more gifts.
It was a full house, minus my uncle and his family who were with my aunts family.

After dinner and when the food coma came on, we headed home. Ry and D stayed the night which was great. I love spending time with them. Spending the day with them was a tease because I want to see them all the time! Such is life.

I was going to go boxing day shopping (black friday for you americans) but from the tweets and texts it sounded like a zoo. I stayed home and played with my new gifts instead.

I got many giftcards to starbucks, Tim Hortons, a Charlie Brown Happiness is a warm blacket dvd from Karen, glee cd from Ry and D and nail polish :)

The best gift I got?

Dying to finish my other book so I can read all about my new boyfriend Tim Tebow.

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