Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I can laugh about it now.

You know the classic story shown in movies or even in real life where the young teenager does laundry for the first time and puts way to much soap in the soap thing and before you know it bubbles are everywhere?! Ya that.

The same sorta thing happened to me on tuesday.

My neighbours who I cat-sit for (been their #1 cat-sitter since I was 13) went to Jamaica this week. There has been a few break-ins in the past years so the owners, let's call them Lindsey and Ted, told me to make myself at home. Basically to make it seem like I am visiting people. I may or may not have gone over at 6:30 tuesday night, grabbed a bowl of ice cream and camped out watching the biggest loser and teen mom.

The cats love it. So lonely.

Anyways, so Ted and Lindsey have a Whirlpool jacuzzi in their bathroom and I decided that I want to read a bit in a nice hot bath. No harm, I thought.

I even brought over some liquid  bath soap. Bad idea.

Before I got in I did notice the button at the end of the tub that turns on the jets, but wasn't ready for the jets to come on so I left it off.

 So at first I'm sitting in the tub, enjoying the bubbles and the cute little purrs from Russel who sat right beside the tub the entire time.

the jacuzzi.

I get out my book and have music playing from the phone when all of a sudden the jets come on! I whip around to see if the cat was standing on the button, which he wasn't. As I turn back around the bubbles are now raising up fast. Fast meaning within 10 seconds those bubbles have risen and are going to spill over the edge in 3...2...1.

All I can picture is bubbles going everywhere in the bathroom and ruining something! Finally I get the hose and start lightly watering the bubbles down, which helps.

Finally the jets go off.

::heart rate comes down::

I guess when the tub senses water in the tub, it turns the jets on automatically for a few minutes. Wasn't expecting that.

So moral of the story? Don't put soap in the jacuzzi. Just don't.

Best part is hanging with these sweet guys. Russel is the small grey one and Gary (yes, named after the snail in Spongebob, that's what happens when a 8 year names the cat) is the bigger one.

Russel LOVES when I put the electric fireplace on.

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