Tuesday, January 3, 2012

weight loss update. and link up.

I know I talk a lot about my weight on here. It's something that I've always struggled with. I remember being in grade 9 and being so down about my weight, being so angry at other girls who were able to eat fast food for lunch and look amazing. Naturally, since my grandma works for weight watchers, I joined. Yup, I was in grade 9, 15 years old when I went on a "diet."

I call it a diet because I was looking for a fast-fix. I didn't put in the work at.all. Needless to say, on and off for the next 3 years  I failed. I tracked only the "healthy" foods, because if you don't track the unhealthy foods it didn't happen would forget to track dinner and yet couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight. I would sit in meetings and pout when other people got to their goal weight. I did have times where I gave up. Quit going. Then I would see myself in pictures or the mirror and would start tracking.

I dropped 8 pounds in those years. 8 little pounds. It was so embarrassing when the topic of  me and weight watchers came up in conversation. I hated when people asked how much I've lost and would dread saying 8 pounds (or less when I say gaining.) The looks of surprise hurt. I know people were thinking I was going to say a bigger number.

And I know what someone might say "8 pounds is 8 pounds." or "at least it's going down."

True. But 8 pounds over 3+ years? Absolutely horrible to me.

Over the summer I didn't lose anything. Maybe it was the pizza we ordered or my mindset of "oh hey I biked 4.5k to work so I can have 3 slices of pizza, a pop and chicken wings." I still weighed-in but wasn't happy with the results.

Aug 14,2011.

Then in october something happened. Call it what you will but I "saw the light." I was going to weight watchers meetings every saturday, tracking and doing "well." But the only time I would lose on the scale was when I wore a lighter pair of pants or didn't have a big dinner the night before. I was seriously thinking of quitting again. This time for good. I started thinking about school and how I couldn't take 3 hours out of my saturdays to get up, have breakfast, shower, do hair/make up, drive to weight watchers, actually weigh in, listen to the the meeting and go home.

As I was telling my mom my plan I remembered that Susan and Katie and great results doing weight watchers on-line. I looked into it and on October 29, 2011 I joined ww online.

So far I have lost 13.4 pounds! I have started running like crazy. Since November 23,2012 I have ran 103km (plus a few more from when I was training for my 5k in October) and not stopping.

I've also lost 3.5ish inches from my waist and hips. The jeans are getting loose and I have to wear a belt everytime I wear jeans. My family has noticed changes aswell. Like my uncle on Christmas eve. I was standing across the room and he yells out "hey sarah, you losing weight, thought so, your face looks smaller"

Favourite uncle right there.

I do have to say this. Yes, I do have weeks where I only lose 0.2. I do have weeks that I don't lose at all (happened over Christmas, which is fine!) I do have weeks were I gain 1.8.

It happens. Life happens. Again, it's a lifestyle change. Not a let's lose and gain it all back...and more.

LOOK! I have a waist :)
*this morning*

As we enter a new year, I don't want to stop with this life-style change. My one and only sibling is getting married in May and I want to look hot! It would be so nice for my SIL to set me up with one of her 37 first cousins!

My action plan:
  • continue with watchers online.
  • keep kicking runnings butt
  • run many races this year, starting with...
  • a 5k in Febuary, a 10k on april 22 and an another 10k on may 5
  • add in weight training once a week.

I do have a goal weight and goal measurements  When I get to my goal(s) I will share with y'all. *hopefully it's before may 12, 2012*

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