Friday, January 20, 2012

Running, I've missed you.

Me? Missing running? Nah, wrong person.

But not.

You see, I actually missed running. My last run was on Wednesday January 11, didn't run on the weekend as I went away and I actually found myself on Tuesday evening missing the joy of running. Did I actually just say that running was a joy?! Who am I?

I say "who am I" because I've been a runner for years but I would go thru this cycle. Run for 3-4 times a week for maybe a month then stop. Stop for no reason.  I wasn't injured or anything. I just got lazy.

I would only start when the weight would creep up.

I started hard-core running on November 23, 2011. That's what my nike+ app tells me. So far I've run 141.6km. That is cray-cray. But good.

So since I missed the pounding of the pavement, I brought my running gear with me to placement on wednesday and instead of rushing home, I laced up.

You should have seen the looks I got from my co-workers. The teacher I shadow even said I was crazy to go out. Non-runners don't understand.

It was nice to go for a nice run. It was really windy out but I managed to run a nice 7k.

Slower than normal, not as many calories as I like to burn but I got out and ran!

And here am I blogging after coming in from a shorter run.

It was crazy snowing tonight, but going out proved am I dedicated.  I'm proud of that. The old Sarah would have said "oh, it's snowing, let's just go tomorrow." Look where that got me before. The new Sarah wouldn't have it.

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