Monday, January 16, 2012

Grateful Monday's-edition 2.

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Where did this week go?! Seriously though? It flew by.

I loved writing in my book of blessings this week. So many things to write down and share!

Monday Jan 9th: First day back at school. Loved seeing old friends, still meeting new ones and a fresh start.
Tuesday Jan 10th: Random cheques from the government
Wednesday Jan 11th: A textbook costing only $56!
Thursday Jan 12th: knowing tomorrow is friday!
Friday Jan 13th: Safe travels/arrivals to the 20's weekend re-treat
Saturday Jan 14th: Amazing lessons from the speaker this weekend.*
Sunday Jan 15th: a weekend away from twitter/facebook.*


I had an amazing weekend at Waterloo's annual 20's weekend re-treat. Every once a while I need those weekends of endless fun, being in the word and strenghing my faith. The speaker was actually my friends BIL and he did an amazing job. The weekend theme was from the book of Luke, might be my favourite book. It was so nice to see old friends, spending time with them all. The most exciting part? Being asked to come back to counsel at camp again this July. Of course I said YES!!!

Since I was super super busy this weekend, I had hardly no time, except for late at night or right after my shower, to check/update twitter and facebook. I was so busy that I only tweeted once! I didn't know how much I needed it the weekend away from the web. It's so easy to tap on the twitter app and away I go, updating and tweeting.

Soaking up Greg's lessons and not being so attached to twitter are amazing blessings. I highly reccommend taking a day away from the facebook "liking" and just be present in your own life. Try it.

Happy Monday, Friends.

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