Monday, February 27, 2012

Beer and friends

Those two things equal perfection.

I spent saturday evening with a good group of high school friends celebrating Nicole's 20th birthday which is on the 29th (leap year baby!)

Side note: I can't believe that we're all turning 20 this year! So olldddd!

Beer turned into wine (classy, what can I say?!) which turned into dinner.

Dinner turned into chocolate brownie ice cream cake for the birthday girl.

And dessert led into more beer which got us talking about our high school.

Trying to explain to the other girls who didn't go to our high school, that it really isn't that ghetto (so what if a kid was shot and passed away one block away?!) was pretty hard.

This got us sharing our favourite teacher's, which ones loved us and which ones were straight up mean.

This turned into Erin telling us how her and another boy used to light matches and throw them out the window in grade 9 english class and when the teacher ask what the burning smell was? Oh miss, it's the sun burning some matches on the roof.

Ian and Nicole getting away with not wearing the uniform and miranda being one of the few black girls in our school.

Best part? Finding out that a certain boy from high school expressed his love to Erin for the 4th time two weeks ago!

It was so nice to sit back and have a drink (none for me, driving home) and catch up, share our hate for our now former high school and love on our favourite teachers.

I didn't get any pictures (does that mean it didn't happen?!) but that's okay, making memories in my head.

Prom 2010: Ian, Andrew, Carly, Miranda, Me, Erin, Nicole and Meghan
And just for the record. This was after prom, my face wasn't that shiny all evening.

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