Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little post about glee from tuesday *spoiler alert*

*If you haven't watched this past tuesday's episode of glee, (2/21) stop now, this post will ruin it for you*

I take it since you are still here you watched it or didn't because you hate glee *gasp!*

I watched tuesdays episode of glee last night with the bff and boy was it a good one. Glee is such a feel-good show and I love more than anything singing along, which I may or may not pretend I'm in New Directions, being best friends with Tina. 

Another thing I love about glee is how it touches on a lot of really touchy subjects that our world doesn't like to talk about. Like lesbian love, being handicapped but wanting to be a normal teenager, single parent households and so much more.

If you watched it tuesday than you know two things happened, things that are scary and real. Things that I felt it was needed to be written and try to help someone out there.

First: we saw David Karofsky try and take his own life as the result of bullying. To sum it up really fast, he basically came out of closest to Kurt and and a jerk head of a classmate overheard and spread it all over facebook and text. Karofsky goes to school the next day to find "fag" written on his locker. Horrible. Just horrible. He then goes home and hangs himself and thank god his father found him before it was too late.

At this point, I had tears streaming down my eyes. I can't imagine ever being in that place where I wanted nothing more than to dead.

But it happens. Happens every day, every moment, someone out there is being picked on because they are different and has the thoughts of killing themselves.

I know glee is just a show, and I know it's fake. No teenagers burst out in song every 2.4574854 minutes. At least not the ones I went to school with. But glee makes story lines from real situations like being a gay teenager.

So here it is: Picking on someone because they are different or because of who they find attractive is just plain wrong. You may not support gay rights but every one deserves to be treated the same and with kindness and love.

The other situation on glee? Was the texting and driving one. This one is my biggest pet-peeve and it's just plain stupid.

I can't tell you how many times I see on twitter people tweeting "only halfway home and have hit every red light." -That right there tells me you are not just texting but tweeting while driving!  And really? Do your followers need to know that while you are driving? Is it smart to put your life in danger for a tweet?  I didn't think so.

I can't tell you how many times I have yelled at my own family members who call me while driving (why didn't you call me before you started the car?) or have taken out the phone at a red light (you're still driving!)

It is so dangerous. How can you watch the road and type away while looking down? Answer: you can't. We might think we can but we can't!

So please? Put down the phone. The text can wait. If it can't, then pull over to a safe spot on the side of the road and send it.

Your life and the others on the road is not worth risking getting in an accident because you were texting.

*stepping off soapbox*
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