Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Randoms

How about some randoms from Sarah's head to start your morning? Grab a cup of coffee and sit back :)

  • This time next week I'll be on reading week! Thank goodness for a week off. I plan to start my many assignments that are due in march and I'm going to placement on the wednesday!

  • I am getting so excited for my brother's wedding in may! Our invitation came on wednesday and most of my family has gotten theirs too.
  • My mom and I are having a bridal shower for Danielle on March 10th. The theme is spring and our colours are pink and coral. We are so excited!

  • I'm running another 5k race on sunday. I want to finish in under 28 minutes. That is do-able for me but I'm getting nervous because the weather is supposed to be really cold with 1-3cm of snow!

  • Can I tell you how much I love thursday evenings? Getting home by 5pm and watching grey's anatomy at 9pm is something I look forward to every week. A good change from rushing to work and watch grey's the next day.

  • I went to Starbucks after my first class yesterday to study and grab a Vanilla Rooibus Latte, and I  didn't get those new valentines day cups! Talk about a sad Sarah.

  • My mom got facebook over the weekend. Yes, the women who at least once a week bashes it saying people should talk face to face or facebook is stupid. 5 days in and she already hates it. And if she's anything like my dad on facebook then I won't be accepting her anytime soon. The man comments on everything!

  • Wish me luck on my race! Please pray to the snow gods that it doesn't snow or be cold!
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