Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I can't say out loud.

I'm human okay? And with being a human, I hear things that make me say WTF? That make me cringe and these things make awesome venting posts. Enjoy.

Dear friend,
Please stop starting emails with "generous hellos" and ending with "calmness and understanding".

Sincerely, who does that?!

Dear person(s),
Don't ask for my mailing address because you really want to send me a card and never send it!

Sincerely, thanks for getting my hopes up.

Dear family member,
I understand you hate your job but please stop coming home and taking it out on me.

Sincerely, find another job.

Dear person,
When you say "so glad we have a SUV now, its only Christmas eve and the car is full!" it makes you sound so spoiled.-actual convo. 

Sincerely, no one cares

Dear cousin,
You are 5'6 and 110 pounds with wet hair. And when you make comments such as "your mom has skinny legs, I have fat ones" or the classic "I'm fat" it makes me feel like shit crap. Please stop looking for attention.

Sincerely, 5'3 and *not telling my weight...right now*

Dear close friend/classmate,
It bugs the crap out of me when you sit in class and complain how tired you are, or that you didn't have time to make a lunch today. You have placement in May, meaning you have 2 days off this semester. Please stop saying all those things!

You try waking up at 6am everyday for placement and going to school 3x a week for all day classes.

This is why I love blogging, its nice to get some stuff off my chest. 
Yes, I know some of these were from Christmas but I just remembered them.

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