Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jack and Jill-March 24th 2012.

My brother and Danielle. That's D's brother in the background. 

I'm finally sitting down after being on my feet since 2pm yesterday. No lie.

Yesterday was Ryan's (bro-ham) and Danielle's (future SIL) Jack and Jill shower. It's basically a night of drinking, games and raising money to give to the couple. It was so much work but so worth it.

It was the best night and pretty sure we raised a couple grand for them.

There were door prizes, raffles and a toonie toss to win a bottle of grey goose which I would have won but someone on D's side beat me. I do say, people were so shocked that I came in second!

There was a push up competition which If you ask me, Ryan totally won.      

I loved the clean trash talking between the Toronoians and the Peterbroughians.

Us girls made t-shirts that said Team Donnelly and Team Hannon on them. I got one of each because even though I'm a bridesmaids, I'll always been Team Hannon.

Such a great night. So much fun!

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