Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday-Make up

I'm linking up with Jamie today so show y'all some new products I am loving today!

1) I am loving Bath and Body Works new spring line. This candle is Blackberry Grapefruit and it's so good. Isn't over powering, like it's-giving-me-a-headache. Not to much, which I like. 

2) I am loving Mary Kay Lash Love in black. I love it so much, does everything I want. Lengthens and makes me actually look like I have lashes too. 

3) I am loving EOS lip balm. This stuff is amazing! Love that it's organic too.

4) I am loving Kiss nails. I started uses fakes because I like the look better and so far they are great! and cheap :)

5) This product will get it's own post but I am loving MAC liquid foundation. It looks so natural but covers everything. Expensive? Yes. But worth it. 

Do you use anything that I've shown? 


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