Friday, March 9, 2012


"Where you live shouldn't matter if you live or die"

Powerful eh? Out of the whole 30 minute video that quote sticks out the most to me. If a man or women kidnapped a child in Canada or the US, you bet this would be all over the news and governments would put an end to it right away.

So why is this going on 8,000 miles away from here?

I know this video is going around on facebook and on blogs, which is awesome! Thank you to those who have posted this video.

It's awesome because Kony's name is getting out there. People are learning about him which is the whole goal about this.

So, if you haven't seen this video, spare 30 minutes and watch. It's well worth it.

And after you watch it, I dare you to tell 5 people in your life about Kony and what he is doing over in Africa.

What the L.R.A and Kony is doing is sickening to me. He needs to be caught and taken care off if you know what I mean...

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