Monday, March 12, 2012

Picture Fail

Remember back in the new year how I wrote that one of my goals for 2012 was to take more pictures? To be that annoying family member that has the camera out all the time? Well I fail at that this weekend.

You see, on Saturday my mom and I hosted a lovely bridal shower for my future SIL. And I didn't take a single picture. Not even a picture of the tulips that cost $37.54 to buy.

Not a single picture of me and Danielle.

Or one of my mom and her best friend that she's known since grade 6.

Or of the cheesy decorations.

When everyone left and the clean up started only then did I realize that I didn't take a picture.

In my defence, I was running around like a mad women taking coats, pouring wine for myself for the guests, introducing people to my SIL and explaining to others that no I'm not still 14 years old like I was the last time I saw you and yes, I am 10 days away from turing 20.

It was such a nice shower. So nice to catch up with those I haven't seen since I was 12 and so nice to shower my SIL with love and gifts.

So I promise. No, I pinky swear, for the Jack and Jill I will take loads of pictures.
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