Monday, April 30, 2012


Hope everyone is having a great monday...

  • ...I am, because today is the first day I'm off school. This morning I caught up on about two weeks of tv, stayed in my pj's and enjoy some tea.

  • I start summer school tomorrow. Kinda bummed but it's only one class and I'll be done in the middle of june so really I can't complain.

  • Friday, I went out with some friends from high school. Sort of celebrating being DONE! These people are the best ever and it makes me excited to go out more this summer.

  • Saturday, was Danielle's bachloette party. It was tons of fun. I took pictures but by accident left it at D's parents house so I can't show you. Bum-er

  • 12 days till the wedding! Super pumped.


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