Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adocare Results

When I hit my goal weight, I thought doing a nice and safe cleanse would be good.

The awesome Jenn  from Perfectly Imperfect and her hubby Allen sell Adovare and she always raves about it so I talked to Allen (on the phone! From Texas! He totally has a southern accent too!!) and asked him a billion questions and felt ready to do it.

Allen was very helpful and Jenn always got back to on twitter with what different meals to eat. They were great and accommodating to me. You see, I live in Canada and if the package was shipped here, the border guards would  take it and not ship it to me.  Jenn said to send it to the hotel I was staying in at Boston, walked in and there it was waiting for me. They are awesome.

I'm happy to say I lost 2.2 pounds in the 10-day cleanse and .3 inches. Nothing huge like Jenn, who lost 5 inches!  And Allen who last I heard has lost 22 pounds. The best thing was that I felt light and airy all day long. Not airy and starving, because I wasn't. At all.

It was so easy to follow. I ate all healthy foods from my local grocery store and added in some pills twice a day.

I would totally recommend this cleanse to anyone!

If you want to chat with Allen or Jenn, do it. They won't pressure you into anything.

Do it! You'll be so happy with the results.

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