Friday, April 20, 2012

Letters on a Friday

Dear Running,

I am so excited for this 10k on sunday (first one, beginners joy?). Granted I haven't run a 10k in...ever but a 9.3k and a 8k yesterday is good enough. Hoping to finish in an 1:10 or less.

Dear Dad,

So happy you are running this race with me on sunday. Yes, the Boston Marathon finisher is doing a 10k.  Father-daughter bonding say what?

Dear Life is what you make it,

I'm really sorry, but you need to go. You've been my blog title for over 14 months but I am so bored with you. Not to mention it feels like every blog out there has "life" in it. So blog friends? Help a girl out. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment and let me know.

Dear nails,

It totally ticked me off last night when I went to do my nails and noticed I had no more nail glue left because the other bottle glue it self shut and no matter how hard I try, that thing it not coming un-done. Day three of bare nails is killing me.

Dear colour jeans,

Why did I wait so long to get you? Totally love my coral colour and could easily wear them every day. must get another pair a.s.a.p



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