Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boston Re-cap.

A little less than four years a go my dad became a marathon runner. Today, I watched him cross the finish line at one of the world's most prestigious marathons, the Boston marathon in 4:22. Today, I became the worlds proudest daughter. 

That was my facebook status on monday.

Going to Boston was amazing. Such a beautiful city, full of the kindest and helpful people ever! Seeing my dad accomplish his goal of running the Boston marathon is something I hope to never forget.

The pride my family has for my dad is beyond words. As you can tell from my brother's status on monday.

Dad, 3 years and 4 months ago you said you wanted to run a marathon before you turned 50. Today you get to take part in one of the most prestigious races in the world, the Boston marathon. Congrats and best 
of luck!

It was fun being tourists for the weekend. We went to Fenway park on sunday,  took our pictures eating breakfast because we! are! in! boston!

The weather was so hot. So hot. I got the worst sunburn ever. Never had one this bad.

My dad ran well. He qualified for Boston with a 3:32 marathon last fall and finished the 26.2 miles in 4:22. No one who ran, was running to run a PB (personal best.) 

The signs I made: Should have said "marriage" but whatever.

Mom and Dad

Mom and I camped out at mile 16, outside a starbucks. 

Love these pictures of my dad and I.

Imagine walking 26.2 miles while its 88 out in all that gear. 

FINALLY finding my dad after the race. And being silly on saturday. 

While waiting for our luggage, all the runners took pictures of the welcome sign, at Fenway. 

Go canada!
Can you find me?
We had a great time in Boston. Such a beautiful city, where I totally could see myself living.

The marathon was anything but I've experienced. The whole city came out and supported the runners and my dad said they were what helped him. They gave out their own water, hooked up their own hose to sprinkle down the over-heated runners and cut up oranges for them. We need that here in Toronto.

I had so much fun yelling "go canada" when I saw a canadian runner go by, and telling people to keep it up, only 10 more miles from here. 

Can't wait to go back next year. Because Boston? You haven't seen the last of the Hannon's!


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