Friday, May 18, 2012

Love for weight watchers.

Yes, once again I need to express my love for weight watchers.

On monday morning I got out of bed, went pee and decided to weigh myself. See how much I gained from the wedding. To my surprise I lost 3.6 pounds.

I now have lost 29.2 pounds!

29.2 pounds.  And 18cm from my body.

I remember when I was only at a 7 pound loss, thinking how will I ever get to goal?

But I did. I got to my goal, 7 pounds ago.

Back in October I made a choice to lose this weight for Ryan's wedding. I did not want to be the fat sister-in-law.

On saturday, I had about every single family member of mine come up to me and say how amazing I look and tell me I need to be a spokesperson for weight watchers.

And really, I would not be here without Susan and her sister Katie. Seeing them happy and smaller was my motivation.

Even though I got to goal, I am still working on losing about 5 more pounds.

Weight Watchers has given me so much and from that, I love them.


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