Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The speech

Here is my speech I gave at Ryan's wedding. It went so well. I received so many compliments from people who said I am so good on stage.  

Goooddd evening! 
On behalf of the Hannon and Campbell family, we would like to  thank everyone  for coming out tonight in celebrating the wedding of Ryan and Danielle.  
For those you do not know me, I’m Sarah, Ryan’s little sister. 
Just a warning-I talk with my hands a lot. And no, I’m not Italian. 
Today has been wonderful so far- seeing my brother standing at the alter as a single man and walking down the aisle with his wife is something I hope to never forget. 
If I’m being honest, I never thought this day would come. Not because I’ve been counting down the days since Christmas and texting ryan almost weekly saying “152 days till your wedding” but because I never thought my brother would fall into the “love spell” and get hitched. You see, there is a running joke in my family- the joke goes, Ryan would move back from good ole West Virginia, make the basement into his bachelor pad, get a job teaching high school history and coach baseball on the side, doing all this while looking after our parents. He would NEVER find a girl and therefore would never get married. Now? it looks like I’ll be  doing that...minus the couching baseball part. 
Danielle- I remember the first time I saw you. If I remember correctly, you and Ry came for dinner in Toronto for my mom’s birthday. We all were so nervous to meet you. Mom kept sweeping the floors and I keep making sure my mascara was still in good shape. I do remember pecking out my bedroom window when I saw the car come around the corner,  so I could get a good look at you, hoping you didnt see me, talk about awkward.  And for some reason you were the type of girl I always pictured Ryan would bring home. Cute and tiny....and blond. We’ve come a long way since that first meal. I’m not sure if you remember that evening but I do. I remember the very awkward small talk, me asking about your siblings for the umteenth time, ryan glaring at me while talking to you. and asking “wait, how many cousins do you have?” Honestly, I just was so excited to meet you and to know you weren’t some girl Ryan made up about.  And as I said, we’ve come a long way. I can now call you to ask a question and 30 minutes later we are hanging up. I can tell you my frustrations *clear throat* ryan, my dreams, fears and I always get the best exercise advice from you. 
I always had this vision when I was younger of what my SIL  would be like (I had to do something while I was being dragged to all those baseball parks). My SIL  would be a friend to me, someone I look up to and enjoy spending time with. She would *hopefully* get along with Momma Hannon and most of all she would be there for me. She would make my brother happy and fit into our family. And Danielle? you totally fit that vision. YOU PASSED! 
 I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you but, I love you. You are the most beautiful girl and I am so happy that I FINALLY have a sister (a true sister where we fight and argue, but love each other) and am so excited to have you in my life forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking me to be your bridesmaid. 
Ryan- Bugsy, Fart face bubble butt -and most importantly...the “golden child”
 Ry-You will always be that loser who, along with the help of Jesse, used your black hockey tape to tape my Ken doll (Barbie’s boy toy) to his chair. I will never forget how even when mom got the tape off, you could still see black on ken’s poor body and hear you laughing your head off while I cried at the poor site of Ken.  To me you will always be that brother who would tell me I was annoying,  sometimes hit me and kick me out of the basement....all because I said hi.  Yes, you picked on me a lot growing up but you were also a softy. I remember crying and yelling your name at the fence that separated Diefenbaker and Cosburn so you would come over and help me find my stuffed animals I lost at school.  Growing up, we  had our moments of pure dislike but I could also always count on you to give me a big hug and a pep talk when I was upset or got into a fight with mom and dad. 
 Even though we fought a lot, and still do, you are the BEST big brother ever and you mean so much to me. I don’t tell you this often enough but I love you so much. I could not ask for a better brother to have in my life. You have taught me so much already in life and have had more influence on me than most people will have.  Its safe to say you have mastered the role of being my big brother.  

I am so happy that Dad made you go to Fitz and Kim’s wedding and went to that bar the night before and found Danielle. Talk about fate.  I am also so happy mom is still willing to pay Danielle to stick around, even though its getting expensive. In all seriousness, I could not be happier right now .  I wish you two many, many, many years of happiness and love. And one day celebrate 30 years, like our parents will be doing in August. 

With that said, please join me in raising you glasses to Mr and Mrs Hannon. 

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