Monday, May 7, 2012

The time I cried at the finish line

love this pin I got. HECK YA! I run 10k's now. 

On saturday papa Hannon and I ran the Mississauga 10k.  

It was a beautiful and warm evening for a run so we were pumped to have a good run. We did, until the hills came. For about 3k it was hill after hill after hill. 

By 6k? I.was.done. 

The cramps near my hips weren't helping either. 

I wanted to finished faster than my 10k time that I did two-ish weeks a go but at this point I would have been very happy to just finish. 

So, I kept listening to LMFAO-Sexy and I know it for about 2k and kept drinking water which helped the cramps. 

Then we came to 8k.  Oh boy, I love 8k. Not.

It was on this little 3 feet wide path with runners running on both sides. Trying not to run over the little 8 years who instead of stopping and walking on the side of the path on the grass, would stop right in front of you! So ya, very little space and trying not to run over children wasn't that fun. 

My dad said we were 1k away from the finished line. I knew we were too because we could hear the party going on. I could hear all the finishers cheering when they heard their name being called but I wasn't having it. 

I was beyond done. All I wanted was to catch my breath, drink some water but mister Marathon runner over here didn't let me. My dad said to pick it up because we could finish  around 55minutes but I told him  begged him  to let me walk for 10 seconds. I couldn't feel anything. 

He said no. And to give all I got. So I did. I started pumping my arms like a crazy women and started making really ugly faces and of course I made troll sounds to help. 

About 400 meters away from the end I yelled at my dad and I said I needed to stop for water. 

Then the pep talk started. 

My awesome dad said to me "no, you don't. Keep running Sarah"

Ya right, I thought. This is easy for you. 

and the one that made me cry "think about how far you've come"- he said
::insert tears::
I have come so far. Let's talk about this for a second. Last October? I couldn't even run 2k without dy-ing and stopping. Now? I've completed two 10k's in two weeks. 

7 months away I was 25 pounds heavier than I am now. Now? I am at a healthy weight and have lost 17cm from my body. 

So ya. I have come so far. Daddie-o was right. 

I am so so happy to tell that I finished in 55:37. 

See? The ugly faces I said I did. That's my dad too. 
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