Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reason 1 out of 103954 why I love summer.

My beautiful cousin Grace. 

The one thing I love now that I'm on "summer" vacation is how much time I get to spend with my younger cousins. I say "summer" because I have summer school two mornings a week and with that comes essays and exams. 

I used to be Adam and Grace's full time babysitter, looking after them at lunch time and after school  many many many times during the week. But when I was in school this year, that changed. I hardly saw them which broke my heart. We missed each other. 

So when I got out of my exam last friday the first person I texted was my aunt saying "I can go back to being your full time sitter." In which she replied "oh good!." I love that I've seen them twice so far this week and one of those times G stayed at my house till 7pm. 

We have fun playing run-around-tag or tackle sarah and memory. Grace loves talking about my brothers wedding since she is a flower girl. It's going to be so cute! 

And summer? you can get hot now. Or at least warm-ish. Thanks.

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