Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My little man is growing up!

Reading his speech

Getting his diploma from Mrs. D

my aunt made this! 

He looked so good!

Last night was my cousin Adam's grade 5 graduation.  Can't believe he'll go to jr. high next year! I texted my aunt yesterday and made a comment how it feels he just started grade 1 yesterday!

Before Adam and his younger sister, Grace were born, I was the youngest in my family so Adam made me an older cousin. And because of that, we share such a close bond. I love the relationship Adam and I have, it's a fun, goofy one but I can also be stern with him. It's a good mix. 

The actual grad brought back so many memories from when I graduated grade 5 because Adam goes to the same elementary school as my dad, brother and myself went too (let's just say they haven't changed the grad program since I left!). Adam's grade 4/5 teacher also taught me grade 5 and Ryan kindergarden and grade 5. Mrs. D is like family to us, it's great. 

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