Thursday, June 21, 2012

A week in

I can't believe this time last week we found out the worst news ever.

It's been a week of so many emotions. The anger that this is happening to my mom, the frustration because I feel no body understands what I'm going through, the fear that this could be something much worse or god forbid, something could happen to my mom.

Yes, I've questioned a few times why my mom has cancer and not someone else. But that isn't right, no one, even the rapist in jail deserves cancer because someone loves them too.

Today and yesterday have been really good days. I haven't completely sobbed, the type with mascara running down your face and the snot...oh the snot. I don't cry when someone asks me how we are doing or if we need anything. I think this is good.

I guess in a way I've come to accept this. That she has this. Though, I don't want to accept this.

Yesterday my parents met with the surgeon. Mom liked him, which is good. Always good to feel comfortable with the person who will be working on you.

She has her surgery on June 29 and we'll have to wait about 3 weeks to know what treatments she'll have to go through.

For all those who have commented/emailed/tweeted asking how everything is, thank you. Words cannot describe how much that means. Love yo' faces.

Please keep praying!


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