Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cancer sucks part 2

Whenever I plan to blog about my mom's breast cancer I legit sit at my lap top and stare at the screen. How is one supposed to start a blog post about the most scariest thing ever?

Mom had her surgery June 29th 2012 and everything went great. In and out in 30 minutes. No surprises waiting and her surgeon was happy of how it went.

Then we waited, for almost 3 weeks we waited, prayed and waited some more for the results and on Thursday, they came.

The cancer was stage 2, grade 3.

Yes, chemo and radiation are in my moms future. Which sucks. We were hoping to avoid chemo all together and just wanted to do a few rounds of radiation.

So, on Aug 28th 2012, my mom will begin 4 treatments of chemo, done every 3 weeks and radiation in February 2013.

I asked my mom why she needed so much chemo and it's because seems the cancer  is a "grade 3" that is classified as an "aggressive" cancer, so the chemo and radiation will hopefully kill off any residual left overs. 

As much as this sucks, I am so happy my parents get to go to on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC on the Aug 11th to relax before treatments start. 

For all those prayer warriors out there, please please please keep my family in your prayers. Keep praying for my mom and all the doctors and nurses who will be looking after my amazing mother. 

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