Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Break To-Do lis

Side note: Happy 54th birthday to my mommy! She's doing great with the treatments. Chemo was ugly toward the end and she has started radiation on Friday. please continue to pray for her.

A few weeks a go, while writing a very boring essay (are essay's ever fun!?) I started day-dreaming about my month off  37 days off from school for Christmas break! Yes, once again got super lucky.

I started thinking of all the fun things to do and made a Christmas Break 2012 To-Do list.

  • exercise everyday. Running, 30 day shred, weights, yoga. Anything! 
  • bake a ginger bread loaf
  • bake chocolate caramel muffins
  • make a craft
  • read 5 books
  • ice skating at Harbourfront 
  • Take a sleid ride with Alex

Whats on your holiday to-do list? 
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