Thursday, December 6, 2012

November photo a day

1) crayons at placement
2) my mustard cardi
3) healthy breakfast

4) watching my fav sunday tv show
5) riding the 5pm train to see Alex
6) my favourite thing

7) reflection
8) do you brush your teeth everyday?
9) little marshmallows 

10) won't live without running
11) late night snack
12) love water, my drink of choice

13) my bed
14) man-made wunderbar ice cream is awesome!
15) my purse
16) my view from my window
17) bought (rented) a pair of bowling shoes
18) bowling happened this weekend

19) my shirt from old navy is awesome
20) doing home"work" but wanting to read my own book.
21) wearing my festive nails

22) grateful for my placement this semester
23) black tea
24) listening to silence 

25) sky
26) my favourite breakfast in the cupboard
27) tree at One of a Kind craft show

28) bus
29) my big boy
30) my school calendar on the wall
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