Saturday, January 12, 2013

6 month date

Friday was mine and Alex's 6 month  dating anniversary and we went all out. When the 11th comes around, we always wish each happy anniversary and carry on. But for 6 months (half a year!) I wanted to do something so special. And that included getting dressed up. Thank goodness he goes along with my crazy ideas. 

We grabbed dinner at Wayne Gretzky's restaurant where I enjoyed eating Grandma Gretzky's meatloaf and he had a steak. Finished dinner with exchanging cards and ice cream for dessert. 

I bought tickets last month to Second City. We walked down the street to enjoy our first comedy show ever (love crossing things off my bucket list with Alex.) It was a great show, and highly recommend it.

Such, such, such an amazing night. Can't wait for the next 6. 

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